Sunday, June 28, 2009

you can never be wrong if you are willing to admit you are wrong when you are wrong

the surefire way to occasionally be wrong is to consistently agree with a particular political party.

unless you honestly, in your heart of hearts, think that a particular political party has thought through their entire platform so thoroughly so as to only embrace irrefutable arguments, consistently believing their solutions to issues will eventually land you in the wrong.

is there a benefit of consistently agreeing with a political party?

sure.  it make it easier to problem solve.  

heck, if the political party of your choice has already reached a savory conclusion, then it saves you lots of brainwork if you just give them your vote of confidence.  

after all, who has the time to think through every political problem themselves, especially when we're all so busy and lack all the appropriate information to make an informed decision?

why not entrust some of our conclusions to the brains of others?  especially when they're the specialists and most intimately familiar with the issues.  

why not, right?

it sounds convenient because it is convenient.

but it's convenient because it's wrong.

when i say it's wrong, i mean, it's just not you.  

think about it: can you honestly be true to yourself if you ever embrace an idea you yourself haven't thought through to its logical conclusion?

don't sell yourself short.  chances are, you can think through problems better than the "specialists," with one condition...

that condition being:  you must be brutally honest with yourself and be willing to be wrong, willing to be right, and willing to not know.  

you can never be wrong if you are willing to admit you are wrong when you are wrong.

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